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10 Images That Will Make You Smile

Author: Byte Back
Published: July 16, 2015

At Byte Back, we experience a cycle of inspiration – our teachers inspire our students to gain self confidence and feel more hope for their futures. And our students, in turn, inspire us immensely!

Whether  you’re a volunteer feeling the amazing satisfaction of teaching, a staff member hearing about a student receiving a job offer letter, or a student discovering how to copy and paste, we know you love Byte Back too!

Enjoy these quotes, smiling faces, and bits of inspiration from our community:

IloveBB 10

IloveBB 12

IloveBB 6

IloveBB 9

IloveBB 8

IloveBB 2

IloveBB 5

IloveBB 11

IloveBB 3

IloveBB 7

Thanks to the students, staff, and supporters pictured here for participating in #ILoveByteBack! We love you all back!

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