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10 Things Employers Expect You to Know

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Published: March 11, 2015

By Paul Negron, Employment SpecialistSuccess Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

  1.  Companies Are in Business to Make Money – Companies are in business to make money, not to babysit employees. Companies hire and retain people who act as solutions to problems. Companies do NOT retain people who are a problem.
  2. An Employee Must Add Value – To receive a pay increase or a promotion, an employee must establish his or her own performance standards. An employee must add value by being productive on bad and chaotic days. They should want more from a job than just a paycheck.
  3. A Job Does Not Solve All Problems – A job does not solve all problems and can even create a new set of problems. Be prepared for work-related problems, and finish what you start.
  4. You Always Have a Choice: Perform Quality Work or Find Another Job – Once a person accepts a position, that person has an obligation to perform his or her job duties at the accepted pay rate. Some employees feel they are being paid unfairly, and they respond by lowering their productivity and producing low-quality work. You always have a choice: perform quality work, or find another job.
  5. Anger and Violence Don’t Solve Problems – Employees who are not able to control their emotions usually do not last long on a job. Anger and violence are not problem-solving techniques but are signs of an immature employee.
  6. Any Job Is a Good Job – Any job is a good job and provides an opportunity to move on to a better position. Success is accomplished by doing first things first. Be willing to improve.
  7. Develop a Commitment and Willingness to Work – You need to develop a commitment and willingness to work: the ability to do what you don’t feel like doing. And you must do this with a positive attitude, which requires self-discipline.
  8. The Working World Is Not a Democracy – The working world is not a democracy. There is constant change on a job. Be prepared to be flexible. There will be things you won’t like about your job. Accept and adjust. Instead of complaining, find a solution.
  9. The Reason You Have a Job Is Because of the Customer – Employees who don’t have excellent customer service skills do not succeed. You are not doing customers a favor by waiting on them or helping them. The reason you have a job is because of the customer.
  10. Constantly Try to Improve Your Ability to Communicate Effectively – An employee should constantly try to improve his or her ability to communicate effectively, whether with co-workers, a boss, or clients.

Based on 10 Things Employers Expect Their Employees to Know – A Soft Skills Workbook by Frederick H. Wentz

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