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18 Reasons We’re Happy to Be in a Byte Back Class!

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: October 23, 2015

In honor of Byte Back’s 18th birthday, 18 students celebrate with us and share why they LOVE learning at Byte Back.


1. “I appreciate Byte Back because it gives a lot of folks who can’t afford it the opportunity to participate in programs that prepare them for jobs.” – Judith Ware, Office Track student

Judith Ware OT crop

2. José Trujillo wishes Byte Back a happy birthday and feliz cumpleaños!

3. “I am especially proud that Byte Back is offered to adults. Many programs are geared toward young people, not even considering that there are adults that might want to further their education or get education but cannot afford it. So many adults feel hopeless as far as continuing education. Byte Back provides that hope and that helping hand to adults with a desire to better themselves.

“I am thankful and blessed for finding Byte Back and forever grateful for the opportunities presented to me that have allowed me to reach my goals of continuing my education.”

– Lisa Redmond, A+ Certification Program student

4. Nona Jones is grateful for the opportunity to take a class.

5. Gracias for the opportunity for computer education from our class of PC for Beginners in Spanish! (with subtitles)

6. “It gives people a better understanding of computers and how they operate.” – Antwanetta Perry, Office Track student

7. “Even though there are several people in class, it’s like one-on-one instruction. Being retired, this is a way to learn something new. Happy 18th birthday!” – Sheila Hutchins, Office Track student

Sheila Hutchins OT crop

8. “Happy birthday! I like the class because it affords the opportunity to take a refresher course to prepare for job opportunities.” – Carmen Starks, Office Track student

9. “I choose to come to class at Byte Back because the staff members are approachable, engaging, full of smiles and personality, and seem like they will go out of their way to help you. It’s true!” – Lonte Adams, Internet & Core Computing Certification (IC3) student

Lonte Adams quote

10. A heartfelt “thank you” from our Spanish-speaking students (with subtitles)

11. “As this Swahili proverb goes, ‘Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases.'” – Tibebe Ayele, A+ Certification Program graduate and current Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) student

12. Francine Thomas shares her congratulations on 18 years!

13. “I choose to come to classes at Byte Back because the instructor is energetic, stimulates the students, and seems to enjoy teaching. Also, the classes are organized, cooperative, and comfortable!” – Desta Ensermu, Internet & Core Computing Certification and Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel student

Desta Ensermu quote

14. Curt Thorstensen wishes Byte Back a great 18th!

15. “Congratulations on your 18 years. It’s been fascinating learning new information that I didn’t already know.” – Juliette Lily, PC for Beginners Student

Robin's PCB class 1 crop

16. PC for Beginners students at Skyland Workforce Center shout “We love Byte Back!”

photo 3

17. Feliz Cumpleaños de la Clase en Español! (with subtitles)

18. Students, a volunteer, and our registrar sing “Happy Birthday”! 18 and counting …

A special thank you to all the students who made this celebration post and 18 years at Byte Back possible!

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