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7 Student Thoughts to Inspire You Today

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: January 26, 2017

During a special visit from Jackie Reyes, Director of the DC Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, students in the Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook course shared their personal stories. They thanked the Director for funding Byte Back, encouraging the Office to continue and emphasizing that the program has been life-changing for them. For many of the students in this certification course, this is their second or third Byte Back course.

7 Inspiring Thoughts from Byte Back Students:

  1. “I’m on the fast track to getting back in the workforce.”
  2. “Being in here, it does give you a feeling of empowerment. You know you’re going to learn. It makes you feel like you can do it. When you go out into the job market, it makes you feel stronger.”
  3. “I used to be movie projectionist. I always wanted a career in IT, and Byte Back has given me the chance to make that possible.” – Ismael
  4. ‘This program has been a blessing to me. I worked as an early childhood teacher. I wanted to become a manager but needed computer skills. I lost my job, but I got into PC for Beginners, went on to take Office Track, and will now continue to get certifications. This organization has been an awesome support system to me.” – Jessie
  5. “I hope you continue to fund [Byte Back], because it’s an excellent program if you’re willing to learn.”
  6. “The instructors here are the highest quality, like at a university.” – Ray
  7. “I was a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to come to get my training… It’s been life changing for me, because I’m realizing my potential and making my own goals.” – Dorothy

5 Quotes from Jackie Reyes, Director of the DC Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs

  1. “One thing I know how to do is work hard… If we work hard and we’re committed, we’re going to open up doors.” The students responded by clapping and shouting, “Amen to that!”
  2. “I only have a GED. If I can do it, anybody here can do it.” Director Reyes inspired the students with her own personal story, sharing her struggles  and success as an immigrant from El Salvador, a teen mom, and someone who was looking for a way to make a change for her community.
  3. “I love to talk to people to make sure you guys are getting all the resources you need.”
  4. “We have a mayor that cares for all of us. We’re going to be here for you guys.” Director Reyes acknowledged that some may be questioning what lies ahead for the future in Washington, DC and in the country, and said that Mayor Muriel Bowser would stick by Washingtonians.
  5. “I live in the best city in the world.”

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