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A+ Students Share Goals, What a Zoom Classroom Is Like

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: July 23, 2020

We recently popped into a CompTIA A+ course to see how things were going. The students are enrolled in Byte Back’s highest-level and most demanding certification course and, through the pandemic, they’re going strong on a path toward certification and employment. They also raved about their instructor Nate Solloway, top left.

Here’s what some of the students wanted to share:

“It’s really cool that Byte Back even bothered to try to work through something like Zoom classrooms for us instead of pushing us back to 2021. It’s really great, and I do really feel like they’re trying to do their best to make the best of this situation. They could’ve said, ‘We’re in the middle of a pandemic, see you guys.’ They even went as far to help people who don’t have internet access. I really appreciate the program itself as well as our instructors.” – Dibri

“Nate is very helpful, even when he’s explaining what we learn in class, he tries to connect it with what’s happening in the workplace. I really like that. I’ve been taking notes on different career opportunities, he’s great at sharing what kinds of positions would be available to us.” – Latika

“I think [the class] is really great. Anything we need help on, [Nate] goes above and beyond to help us figure it out. He doesn’t make you feel dumb.” – Diamond

“I’m learning a lot. This is my first time taking IT classes, and I’m going to get certified if I do what’s necessary. I’m planning to go into cybersecurity after this, so I think the future looks bright in IT and I have a great opportunity to learn from the best. I appreciate the teacher and the way he teaches – it’s very informative. Thanks to Byte Back the organization, going through this time and putting through the effort to teach us and keep the class going.” – Ibrahim

“Nate is a good person and he tries to put us in the real situation, like troubleshooting, in the real life situation.” – Abdoul

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