2019 Annual Report - Byte Back

2019 Annual Report

Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD

The Mission

Byte Back provides a pathway of inclusive tech training that leads to living-wage careers.

from the ceo

The world changed. Our graduates were ready. Now more people than ever need tech within reach.

Since Byte Back’s founding in 1997, the digital divide has grown. Even since the start of 2019, the digital divide has grown. Through it all, our students have remained dedicated, investing themselves in life-changing opportunities.

Byte Back has worked to help thousands of adults cross the divide and into an inclusive new tech world. The graduates who walked across our stage in 2019 in Washington, DC and Baltimore are better equipped for the unique digital challenges of 2020 …

The Need

Digital Inclusion Is Essential and Urgent

“The digital divide in America is largely urban. It’s largely low-income and it’s largely minority communities. Even if you account for income, people of color are disproportionately impacted negatively. They’re on the wrong side of the digital divide.”

— Gigi Sohn, Distinguished Fellow at the Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy and a Benton Senior Fellow and Public Advocate, former Federal Communications Commission staffer, quoted in “How the US’ massive failure to close the digital divide got exposed by coronavirus,” June 22, 2020, Reveal News, The Center for Investigative Reporting

“Byte Back is the reason I am able to maintain an income during this pandemic.”

— Jasmine, 2019 IT Grad


57 grads hired

Employed Graduates Started Earning an Average of


More Per Year


2019 Byte Back Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Students

95% People
of Color

  • 86% Black
  • 5% White
  • 2% Latinx
  • 2% Asian
  • 1% Other



Average Age


Reported Disability

At the Time of Registration …




Receive Government Benefits


Homeless or Precariously Housed


Single Parents


Byte Back’s pathway of free training puts tech careers within reach for all adults.

Computer Foundations

Gain Beginner Skills

Microsoft Office Specialist

Start Administrative Career

Information Technology Expert

Start IT Specialist Career

Students took 685 classes

Moved up at least one level

In 2019, student satisfaction and the desire to launch careers increased.

  • 95% Wanted to Find a Job 95% 95%
  • 95% Were Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the Course 95% 95%
  • 91% Felt Comfortable Using a Computer after Class 91% 91%

Washington, DC Residents

MARYLAND Residents

2019 Highlight: Expansion

Welcome to Byte Back Baltimore

In 2019, Byte Back successfully launched a site in Baltimore. This is the city’s first pathway of free tech training for adults – from computer foundations to tech certifications and careers. In 2020, Byte Back Baltimore continues to grow.

Ready for the New Normal

In 2019, students had no idea that they weren’t just gaining skills for a “normal” future. In 2020, many Byte Back graduates found themselves among the “lucky” ones with digital skills, living-wage careers, and the safety of working from home.

JASMINE ISAAC graduated with her CompTIA A+ certification in 2019 and immediately got hired. Since then, she landed her first IT support job through a federal government contract. In 2020, she was not only able to safely telework but she also had the confidence in her skills…

ELIA SPANGLER started her Computer Foundations training in 2019. She passed and was ready to continue into Byte Back’s Administrative Professional Track to pursue a computer-based admin career. Luckily, as her courses in 2020 rolled on, she was familiar with technology…

Connecting for Equity

Byte Back leaders are spearheading a path toward digital equity – in DC, Baltimore, and nationwide.

Leading Cross-Sector Change

  • FCC Digital Opportunity Equity Recognition (DOER) Program
  • Verizon Consumer Advisory Board
  • National Digital Inclusion Alliance
  • Lumina Foundation “All Learning Counts”
  • US Congress and DC Mayor

Speaking Out for Digital Equality & Inclusion

  • TEDx Foggy Bottom
  • DC Mayor’s Office of the Chief
    Technology Officer (OCTO)
  • Out in Tech
  • CityLab

In the News

  • The Root 100
  • NBC Washington
  • Technical.ly DC and Baltimore
  • Washington Business Journal
  • The Washington Blade
  • The Baltimore Business Journal

2019 Financials

Revenue Sources










donated goods/services


other revenue





general and admin



Total Revenue:


Total Expenses:


Net Revenue:


Source: Audited 2019 financial reports

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