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An Intern Made of Resilience

Author: Byte Back
Published: April 26, 2016

Meet the Excel Intern: Tahir Ravini

By Iyana Turner, Program Associate

Tahir Ravini

Photo of Tahir Ravini by Iyana Turner

Tahir Ravini is the picture of resilience. He has struggled, but he has achieved. He will soon add yet another accomplishment – completion of the Byte Back Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel course and internship.

Tahir was one of just two Excel interns this term. “Being an intern at Byte Back has been a very informative learning experience,” Tahir says. “Every day has been an awakening for my comfort with technology!”

Tahir learned about Byte Back from a counselor at Gonzaga College High School while taking part in a computer literacy program with the Father McKenna Center, a DC nonprofit offering social services to those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Before Byte Back and the Father McKenna Center, Tahir experienced some struggles in life.

Originally from South Carolina, he came to DC at the age of seven, after his grandmother sent him in the hopes he would receive a better education.

“I was in foster homes growing up. I went to 14 different elementary schools,” Tahir says.

Since leaving his hometown, he has lived in Louisiana, California, Washington, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Now, back in Washington, Tahir has been searching for stable housing.

He has already  earned a Broadband Troubleshooting Certificate & Cable and Broadband Leadership Certificate from JonesNCTI and looks forward to adding the MOS Excel certification to his list of qualifications.

“People should know that Excel can be used in so many creative ways!” Tahir says. “It can be used for everyday life, personal budget, and business proposals. Excel has a wider range than you think.”

Tahir’s next step is to work toward enrolling in Byte Back’s A+ Certification Program and would like to pursue a career in cyber security.

According to Tahir, Byte Back’s classes are more intuitive than classes he’s taken elsewhere. “The class eliminates distractions and stays on pace. It’s peaceful,” he says.

That’s just the peace, training, and hope for the future that will help Tahir work toward his goals.

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