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Brenda Shelman

Brenda Shelman

Brenda Shelman

Retired, Byte Back Alumna

Brenda is dedicated to her community and to the power of education. She worked in the administration and finance field for over 20 years. 

Brenda completed several courses at Byte Back, and earned her Microsoft Office Specialist, Outlook certification. As a new alumna, she volunteered and then joined Byte Back’s staff in 2017, helping to promote classes, recruit new students, and assisting with data management. She retired in 2019.

Brenda is an avid reader and has a passion to share knowledge and life skills. She previously volunteered as a reading tutor for young people and new adult readers.

She joined the Byte Back Board in 2020 and thinks that digital literacy is just as important as reading nowadays. As a student, she saw the severity of the digital divide, realizing there was so much technology that she hadn’t been exposed to. She also experienced the impact of training. Now, she says it’s her mission to continue working to close the digital divide in her community.

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