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Jacqueline Kazil

Jacqueline Kazil

Jacqueline Kazil

ML/AI, Rebellion Defense

Jacqueline is a leader in the field of computational social science and artificial intelligence. In her career, she has worked in banking, government, and journalism with a focus on public service. Most notably, she is a former Presidential Innovation Fellow and co-founded a technology organization in government called 18F.

She has delivered many high profile products including Geoq, an open source mapping workflow tool, Congress.gov, and Top Secret America. She is an international speaker and active in the Python and data related communities – Python Software Foundation, PyLadies, Women Data Science DC, and more.

Jacqueline joined the Byte Back Board in 2016, with the goal of empowering individuals from underrepresented populations to increase their employability as well as become more integrated into many aspects of society and business.

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