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Kareem Aaron

Kareem Aaron

Kareem Aaron

CEO, Noraye LLC

Kareem Aaron is the owner of Noraye LLC, an IT consulting firm based in the Washington, DC area. His company specializes in digital transformation and automation, allowing organizations to focus more on work that drives value and less on tasks that are mundane and repetitive.

Kareem has worked with The American Red Cross, Tiffany & Co., Lockheed Martin, and many federal agencies, including the Census Bureau, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and US Navy. He is a highly sought-after IT professional with a love for business and a passion for technology, having passed over 27 certification exams. Kareem holds a bachelor’s in computer networking from Strayer University and a master’s in information systems technology from George Washington University.

Kareem believes many talented individuals are being prevented from reaching their potential. He joined Byte Back’s Board in 2020 because he believes in its mission and he knows firsthand the impact tech skills can have on someone’s life. Indeed, his own life changed many years ago after he earned his CompTIA A+ certification.

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