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Matthew Hearn

Matthew Hearn

Matthew Hearn

Senior Consultant, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Matthew is committed to public service and giving back to the communities he is part of. He is a globally aware leader who believes strongly in the role that technology and opportunity can play in transforming lives, both domestically and abroad.  

Matthew has lived in five countries and worked in dozens more and brings rare depth and breadth of abilities to all his endeavors, with multidisciplinary experience in defense and national security, international development, organizational development, and management consulting. As a senior consultant at Metro’s rail division, he is facilitating the creation of a first-of-its-kind mobile app inspection system and advising leadership on its implementation. In previous roles, Matthew led numerous enterprise-level information technology and knowledge management initiatives. He has a passion for coaching and helping people solve problems.  

A published author and sought-after speaker, he sat on the steering committee for State Department’s OSAC International Development Working Group, which aims to increase collaboration abroad between US diplomatic missions and the private sector.  

Matthew joined the Byte Back Board in 2020 and believes that any person can achieve transformational change when given the tools and opportunities to improve fundamentals, leverage technology, and think about the big picture.

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