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Michelle Larkin

Michelle Larkin

Michelle Larkin

Program Manager, Technik, Inc.

Michelle has over 15 years in business experience, ranging from sales, to concert and event promotion, to marketing, and small business development. As a program manager for a Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program Professional and Administrative Support Services Contract (HPASS), she works with government customers to help them efficiently and effectively manage operational resources

She has a master’s in business administration from Averett University and is experienced in government contracting and program management. Michelle is the founder and CEO of UMI Connections, a firm dedicated to igniting creativity and inspiring collaboration in the workplace. A transformational leader, MIchelle has been instrumental in re-igniting morale, inspiring strong teams and coaching employees through the professional development process. 

She is a sought-after mentor and business development consultant and is committed to personal and professional development, believing that human capital is the most valuable asset in any organization. Michelle is also a certified life coach and a committed community leader, having served on many boards, including the Virginia State Board of Social Services and the Board of AFCEA NOVA.

Michelle joined the Byte Back Board in 2020 and believes strongly in Byte Back’s mission to create opportunities for economic empowerment through training and certifications.

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