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Boeing Invests $250K In Flikshop, a Program Designed To Combat Recidivism

Author: Byte Back
Published: May 2, 2021

Expanding The Boeing Company’s commitment to advancing equality and supporting
non-profit and social impact organizations focused on education, social justice and
economic opportunity for underserved communities, Boeing announces a new
partnership with Flikshop. Flikshop, Inc. focuses on keeping families connected during
incarceration, tech education for returning citizens, and reducing recidivism for
formerly incarcerated people. Boeing’s $250,000 investment will support Flikshop in its
efforts to provide families with Flikshop credits (which are used to send postcards,
letters, and photos to their incarcerated loved ones), access to Byte Back’s
(Washington, DC) digital literacy program, and Flikshop School of Business’
entrepreneurship program.

“Byte Back is dedicated to putting tech within reach,” said Desy Osunsade, Chair of
the Byte Back Board of Directors. “That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Flikshop and
Boeing to bring digital skills training to adults in need. Tech skills can bring people
together. Tech skills can help returning citizens back to work. Tech skills can be one of
the keys to success.”

“It is an honor to be a part of what Marcus and Flikshop are building with Byte Back,”
says Jason Pak, Director, Boeing Global Engagement, The Boeing Company. “Flikshop
and Byte Back have already had overwhelming success in our community reducing
recidivism and Boeing is excited to help them continue to build on those successes by
offering additional resources for families and opportunities and career pathways for
returning citizens to thrive after incarceration.”

“Our partnership with Boeing is catalytic for Flikshop, the families we support, and the
community that wants to see people come home from jail or prison and succeed,” says
Marcus Bullock, CEO of Flikshop. “So many doors were slammed in my face after I was
released from prison. We want to help open up a few windows of opportunity for the
men and women that are coming behind me.”

About Flikshop
Flikshop is tech company based in Washington, DC that helps families stay connected
to their incarcerated loved ones. Flikshop customers send photos and messages that
are delivered on real postcards in the mail to incarcerated people in over 2,700 state
and federal jails and prisons throughout the US. For more info please email:

About Byte Back
Byte Back provides a pathway of inclusive tech training that leads to living-wage
careers. As a leader in digital inclusion since 1997, Byte Back has helped hundreds of
graduates launch living-wage careers that use technology. In 2019, 57 graduates were
hired, earning $23,463 more per year than before Byte Back training. Please see more

About Boeing
Through purposeful investments, employee engagement, and advocacy efforts, Boeing
is proud to support partnerships and programs that align with our business, create
value, and help build better communities. Boeing focuses on opportunities that inspire
our future, empower our heroes, and strengthen our homes. Boeing charitable grants
drive positive, lasting change in the communities where our employees and their
families live and work. Our $10 million investment in the organizations and leaders who
champion the ideals of diversity and inclusion, racial equity, and social justice are
working toward achieving our shared goals.
Boeing will continue to expand its focus on local investments in 2021 that drive action
and impact in partnership with non-profits and the small business community.

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