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Byte Back Goes Green with Help of Groundswell

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: April 20, 2016

By Yvette Scorse, Communications Manager

Wind Energy CarsByte Back is now 100 percent wind-powered.

The process of changing from dirty to clean energy was simple, thanks to the DC-based nonprofit Groundswell. Their mission is to empower communities to switch to clean energy, viewing it as a necessity, not a luxury.

“Being fully committed to our community means that while we’re working every day to fulfill our mission, we are doing so in an environmentally responsible way,” said Elizabeth Lindsey, executive director of Byte Back.

Before joining Byte Back in fall 2015, Elizabeth served as the chief operating officer of Groundswell and was thrilled to partner with them to make Byte Back go green.

Staff in front of BB crop

Byte Back staff members in front of the headquarters building in Brookland, one of four buildings now using clean wind energy.

For Byte Back’s four office and classroom locations, switching to wind power will save the equivalent of about 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide, according to Groundswell. That’s equal to taking 13 cars off the road, according to the EPA calculator. It’s also equal to the amount of carbon dioxide that could be sequestered, or taken out of the atmosphere, if we planted 1,544 tree seedlings and grew them for 10 years.

“We applaud Byte Back for its leadership in switching to 100 percent clean energy, showing the way for other community-based organizations to join the fight for a cleaner future,” said Michael Reed, Groundswell energy program director.

Byte Back is spending the same amount of money on clean energy as we were on “dirty energy,” though many others find that making the switch saves money.

Using clean energy is a chance to potentially save money and protect your bottom line while helping the planet. For other organizations, government agencies, or individuals interested in making the switch, it’s easy with Groundswell:

  1. Contact Groundswell.
  2. Share your electric bills with them and give them permission to shop around to clean energy suppliers to find the best offer for you.
  3. Decide on a provider and sign a one-, two-, or three-year clean energy deal.

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