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Byte Back Grad Joins Board of Directors

Author: Byte Back
Published: February 20, 2020

There aren’t many people who know Byte Back better than Brenda Shelman.


Over the last few years she’s taken multiple classes, helped recruit new students as a staff member and Student Ambassador, and volunteered as an usher at graduations. Now she’s adding another line to her extensive resume with Byte Back: Board member.


This January, Brenda officially joined the Board of Directors, bringing her experience as a student and staffer to the organization’s leadership. “I was very humbled,” said Brenda. “I was like, ‘Who put my name up for this?’”


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“Brenda has been an important part of the Byte Back family for a long time now, and we are incredibly proud to have her join the Board,” said Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Lindsey. “We want our students to have a voice in the direction of the organization, and I can’t think of any better person to do that than Brenda.”


Byte Back’s Board is an eleven-person body that contributes to the organization’s mission in various ways, from supporting fundraising efforts to advising on curriculum to connecting Byte Back to potential partner organizations. Board members serve two-year terms on a volunteer basis, and come from diverse backgrounds including the tech industry, real estate, and law.


When she was first approached about the position, Brenda was a little intimidated by the accomplishments of the other Board members. But after some consideration, Brenda says she thought to herself “‘Isn’t this new thing all about inclusion? Don’t I have a practical perspective to bring to the Board?’ … I thought, ‘Well let’s just give it a try, step out of my comfort zone and see how I can help out.’”

Brenda and Byte Back staff taking a selfie at the Winter 2018-19 Graduation.

As the only Board member with prior experience as both a student and staff member at Byte Back, Brenda hopes she can share that unique perspective with the rest of the Board. “I’m very excited because I just believe in Byte Back’s mission so much, and I just can’t say enough how much it’s done for me.”


Whatever challenges this position may bring, Brenda will be guided by a simple goal, she says: “…continuing to spread the word about Byte Back, get people enrolled, get them graduated, employed, and create some new wealth out there for everyone.”


Interested in joining Brenda on the Byte Back Board of Directors?
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