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Byte Back Instructor Katie Shares on Her “Aha” Moment

Author: Byte Back
Published: February 22, 2012

This past month, I had an “aha moment” when teaching. I know when I use this space to write, I mention teaching a lot, but those are the moments when I learn the most about myself and the work I do. During one of my classes (PC for Beginners), I had my students work on one of the course objectives, which included researching a health issue. Initially, when administering this assignment in the past, I figured it was just busy work and the goal was to have students practice using the internet. But during this time, the process was a little different. As I sat there quietly, watching my students search the internet for a health issue related to themselves or a loved one, I noticed how focused each student was. Each and every student was intently searching on the internet for a specific health issue and quietly writing down some of the information they were finding. It suddenly hit me, that what we do at Byte Back is not just teach computer skills, but we teach skills that allow students to do so much more and can be applied to each individual life. Watching my student’s focus so much on this assignment really showed me that these skills they are learning are so useful and can be applicable to everyone’s life. We are giving these students tools to research topics relevant to them and allow them to gain so much information, that they otherwise might not have access to. We are opening a whole new world of resources to them. At the end of class, I had one student come up to me and excitedly tell me that his skin was itching and went to numerous doctors to find treatment, but the results were inconclusive. In class he researched some remedies that could possibly help reduce the itching, and he was excited to go home and try them out. I also had another student tell me that they had a family member who had low blood pressure and researched in class, some foods that could help increase their blood pressure to a healthy level and couldn’t wait to go home and tell them. From this lesson, I learned that we are teaching so much more at Byte Back, and I am confident that most of my students, whether they realize it or not, are able to apply what they learn to their own lives outside of the classroom.

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