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Career Mentorship Program

The Byte Back Career Mentorship Program brings together certification students and IT and business services professionals.

Mentors gain personal satisfaction, feedback, and networking opportunities.

Mentees obtain industry advice, feedback and an expanded base of skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities.

The mentor-mentee relationship is designed to foster maximum productivity and career development and guidance for each student participant.

Mentors will be helping our students to change their lives, understand how career pathways work, and assist in developing a route to achieve their career goals.

Overview of the Mentoring Program

The Byte Back mentorship is based on the idea that certification students need both specific, content-oriented mentoring and general career advice relevant to advancing within the IT and/or business services industries. Mentors can help mentees navigate through certification or degree choices and careers.

These relationships aid in a positive and successful transition into living-wage careers.

Time: We encourage frequent contact between mentors and mentees. The Career Services team expects mentors to meet with mentees 2-4 hours per month for 12 weeks. We will also sponsor events that help to facilitate this interaction.

Activities: Mentors and mentees may participate in various activities together, including

  • Reviewing resume and providing feedback
  • Job shadowing
  • Discussing strategies (looking for employment, career advancement)
  • Finding professional development opportunities

The Role of the Mentor

At Byte Back, industry professionals serve as career mentors to certification students who are training for IT and administrative careers. We encourage professionals from various industries to serve as career mentors. Mentors provide individual or group mentoring support that contributes to the career development of students. As professionals, mentors are able to guide and provide expert advice to students on academic and career pathways in order to successfully enter the workforce within their given field.

Recognition: Each mentor will receive a certificate of appreciation at the end of each mentorship cycle. In addition, the role that you play will make a lasting impact on the students in which we serve.

The Role of the Mentee

A “mentee” is someone who is counseled, guided, and advised. Here at Byte Back, our mentees are certification students (IT or Business Services Track).

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