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Challenges Will Not Claim Her: Ms. B Rises Above

Author: Byte Back
Published: April 7, 2017

Ms. B is fighting to overcome challenges and determined to achieve her goals and go further in her career.

By Leonel de Leon, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor

Ms. B* was born with parents who instilled respect, education, and a strong work ethic in her, no matter what obstacles would be thrown her way.

She moved to Washington, DC nine years ago seeking a better opportunity and a change in life. Two years later, she started medical school and was working delivering mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

It was then that she suddenly endured life-changing problems with her health. Her challenges were so overwhelming that Ms. B thought she would never get to fulfill the goals she set for herself.

Ms. B in front of the Skyland Workforce Center, where she has been taking Byte Back’s Office Track course. Photo by Leonel de Leon

Every day was, and sometimes still is, a struggle for her, however, she is determined to NOT let her disability “claim her,” she says.

Her determination and strength have been impressive. Ms. B has fought to regain her independence and is more determined than ever to accomplish her goals.

Ms. B references Macy Gray’s lyrics which she takes to heart: “Get up, get out, and do something.” She is determined to do something by attending Byte Back and learning new skills to take her further.

“Not just attending, but most importantly completing the Office Track program at Byte Back represents PROMISE for me, my family, and my future,” she says, proud that she was able to recently pass the intermediate course.

She has once regained confidence in herself, and is excited about her path educational path and about obtaining a career once again. Ms. B hopes to continue with courses at Byte Back, rising to the advanced certification courses and finding an office job after graduation. She will graduate from Office Track this month.

Ms. B credits her mother and father’s unconditional support and the fact they’ve instilled a relentless spirit in her. She also thanks God and is so hopeful what is yet to come in her life as she continues at Byte Back to “jumpstart the future.”

*Name has been changed.

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