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Byte Back Highlights Diversity with State Tech Leaders

Author: Byte Back
Published: August 23, 2016

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Byte Back was pleased to be the featured charity partner at the National Association of State Tech Directors (NASTD) Annual Conference.

Elizabeth Lindsey, executive director, spoke August 22 to a group of a couple hundred people who gathered in Washington, DC from around the country. She urged the group, most of whom work in state government technology and for tech corporations, to consider how the tech sector can and should change to look more like the diverse United States.

“In this room, we all have so much potential and opportunity to really change the tech sector,” Elizabeth said.


Elizabeth Lindsey on Tech Diversity at NASTD Annual Conference

The change can come by considering older Americans, people without degrees, people with low incomes, people of color, LGBTQ people, people who were incarcerated, and people with disabilities for tech jobs, she said.

Elizabeth also shared the importance of partnerships – with government, with other nonprofits, and with corporations – to Byte Back’s mission of putting tech within reach for a diverse community.

Not only is inclusion the right thing to do, but, Elizabeth highlighted, that it’s also economically smart.

Our special thanks to NASTD for selecting Byte Back as their 2016 charity partner. Their support and that of the conference attendees has been overwhelming. 

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