Computer Services

An Important Update to Byte Back Services

For the past 18 years, Byte Back has expanded economic opportunity for underserved DC adults by providing technology training and pathways to living-wage careers. These services are what transform lives most deeply at Byte Back. This is why leadership has decided to invest one hundred percent of our efforts in this work. As a result, the First Time Technology (FTT) program at Byte Back, which has offered low-cost computers and repairs to the community since 2013, will close on June 30, 2016.

We are proud to have provided hundreds of people in DC with access to home computers through FTT and are grateful to the customers we’ve served during this time.

Of course, as we strive for digital inclusion, we recognize the continuing need for low-cost computers in the Washington, DC community. This is why Byte Back will work to connect our students and community to our partner organizations that provide these services. We will be partnering with Project Reboot and others.

By working together, we can provide stronger, more focused services to you, our community.

Please see answers to further questions regarding the closing of First Time Technology below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Students

I took a Byte Back class recently and have a voucher for a free computer – can I redeem it?
Any Office Track or certification student who started class before May 1, 2016 is eligible to receive a voucher once they complete their course.

Up until now CompTIA A+ Certification Program students have interned at FTT. Will A+ students still have the opportunity to intern?
Yes, we are proud to say our A+ certification students will still benefit from internships and externships. Byte Back is partnering with local organizations and companies, including Project Reboot and Capitol Asset, to offer internships to our students.

If you can offer IT or administrative internship opportunities for Byte Back students or would like to learn more about this program, please contact Monique Riviere,

Will Byte Back graduates continue to receive a free refurbished computer?
At this time, Byte Back will not continue to provide free computers to our graduates. However, we will make referrals to low-cost computer suppliers, such as Project Reboot. See information below on how to purchase an affordable computer.

For Computer Donations

Where can I donate used computer equipment?
Please see National Cristina Foundation to find a donation site nearest you, where your equipment will be refurbished or properly recycled.

For Affordable Computer Sales

Where can I purchase an affordable computer?
Project Reboot offers affordable computer sales for those experiencing poverty and people with disabilities. They are currently located in Rockville, MD and will open a second location in Southeast DC in late summer. As part of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program, Project Reboot assures that each computer is installed with properly licensed software appropriate for a student’s needs.

Customers of Project Reboot need to bring a referral form, picture ID, and cash to purchase a computer. Byte Back will provide interested students with this referral form and verify their income information to qualify them for the purchase. Non-students should call Project Reboot at (301) 330-0034 or see the requirements here. As of June 1, 2016, desktop computer prices at Project Reboot start at $25*.

*Note: Although Byte Back rec ommends these services, we are not responsible for any products purchased or services provided by outside organizations.


What is FTT doing with their stock of computers?
Most computers will be awarded to recent graduates before June 30. Others will be used at Byte Back locations, donated to partners, given to students and staff, or recycled.

If you have any other questions not addressed here, please email or call (202) 529-3395.