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Five Students Attend Their First Tech Conference

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Published: December 19, 2016

Five Byte Back students were featured at the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo. Volunteer mentors made the experience very special for them. Thanks to ASAE for this opportunity!

David Barbee talks with one of the technology exhibitors at the conference.

Five Byte Back students attended their first ever tech conference. ASAE sponsored the students, featured them, and paired them with mentors at the recent ASAE Technology Conference & Expo.

ASAE also gave Byte Back the opportunity to showcase our services and work in the community by donating a booth to us. This was an amazing opportunity to connect with so many people in the tech industry.

CompTIA A+ students Crystal Ball, Lashaun Ford, and David Peterson attended, along with Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel students David Barbee and Sylvia Kilpatrick.

Some of the attendees shared highlights from the two-day conference:

What Did the Students Learn?

  • “What I learned at the conference is how to think outside the box…. IT is not some cloud spaced out type of thing, it’s a tangible thing. IT is real.” – Lashaun
  • “I learned about the mobile apps and how they trigger response from people that use them.” – Crystal
  • “What I learned is how technology is going to shape the future – how we operate in our personal lives and business. It’s a lot to do with keeping things secure … it has a lot to do with business – we learned how business functions with technology.” – Sylvia

What Was Their First Tech Conference Like?

Derrick Washington, career services manager, pauses for a selfie with students David Barbee and Crystal Ball.

  • “I learned how nice everybody is and how supportive everybody is and has been. We even got featured as Byte Back students. And I would like to thank Byte Back for sponsoring us and picking us to come here; it was a priceless experience.” – Lashaun
  • “They really made us feel welcome, we really appreciate them having us here. … They featured us on the giant screen, had our names listed, and a welcome. It was absolutely great. They really showed us a lot of kindness and respect here. It was a wonderful thing. It was a great experience!” – Crystal
  • “We had mentors.. .from ASAE. They were so nice. We thought we were a part of the group, really we did.” – Lashaun
  • “We feel very honored that BB invited us, so go Byte Back!” – Sylvia
  • “We’re excited to continue growing and learning more and coming to some of these events.” – Sylvia

Watch Sylvia, Lashaun, and Crystal talk about their amazing experience:

Byte Back Students at Their First Tech Conference

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