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Friendly Reminder – Give to the Max!

Author: Byte Back
Published: November 9, 2011


Dear Friend,

give to the max (pdf version)

Friendly Reminder, today residents of the Greater Washington area will buzz with online giving to their favorite nonprofits. It is Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington.


Every donation and new donor that Byte Back gets will help us toward our goal of claiming the $25,000 grand prize.

This is going to be a big event, and everyone will be talking about who they’re supporting.  Just think: you can help Byte Back to gain enough support to train many more low-income residents for jobs that pay living wages.

Please assist us with these three things:

1) Make a donation – whatever amount you can – click here

2) Spread the word!  Forward this email to your family and friends along with a personal note as to why you believe in our work, and why they should give on November 9th.

3) Follow us on Facebook click here and help build the buzz by commenting on our work.


Please be a Byte Back champion, and help unemployed District residents gain skills and jobs!



Kelley Ellsworth

Executive Director


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