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Author: Elizabeth Lindsey
Published: November 2, 2020

This letter was originally published in the 2019 Annual Report. See the full Annual Report here.

The world changed. Our graduates were ready. Now more people than ever need tech within reach.


Since Byte Back’s founding in 1997, the digital divide has grown. Even since the start of 2019, the digital divide has grown. Through it all, our students have remained dedicated, investing themselves in life-changing opportunities.

Byte Back has worked to help thousands of adults cross the divide and into an inclusive new tech world. The graduates who walked across our stage in 2019 in Washington, DC and Baltimore are better equipped for the unique digital challenges of 2020:

The skills Computer Foundations students gained in 2019 have already had a lasting impact – helping them get news updates, use telehealth, help their family with online tasks, and continue their training virtually.

Graduates who earned IT and administrative certifications in 2019 and got hired had the opportunity to earn a living wage and to work safely from home.

Alumni continue to benefit from exclusive opportunities for continuing training and new careers.

I’m also so excited about the success of our new site in Baltimore. We’re thankful to our Baltimore staff and for the community for welcoming Byte Back and working with us to create a more equitable future for Baltimoreans. Now we’re eager to expand Byte Back to more locations to have an even wider impact.

In 2020 and beyond, we’ll continue to help Black and Brown communities gain economic opportunities. We’ll continue to work with an anti-racist lens. We’ll continue to help our students succeed in the digital world. And we’re proud to do all of this together, building a future that’s inclusive, within reach, and equitable.

Thank you for your continuing support and helping put tech within reach.

Elizabeth Lindsey

Chief Executive Officer

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