An FTT Computer’s 10 Steps to a Forever Home

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An FTT Computer’s 10 Steps to a Forever Home

Author: Byte Back
Published: April 8, 2015


By Erin Jayes, Community Engagement Assistant & AmeriCorps Public Ally 

This is the story of a computer that was recently donated, refurbished, and sold at First Time Technology (FTT). This Byte Back Program provides refurbished computers to Byte Back graduates and low-income adults in Washington, DC. They also do computer repairs for DC residents and nonprofits. FTT hosts Byte Back  CompTIA A+ Certification students as interns.

Watch as a computer goes through the stages of being donated to FTT, refurbished by our computer technician interns, and purchased by an appreciative customer!


1. Computer Technician Jonathon Ladson greets my donor.
I’m excited to be out of that dusty basement!


2. I wait with the other computers to be refurbished.


3. It’s time to get a diagnosis from the FTT interns!


4. FTT interns open me up to take a look inside. Look at all of those tools!


5. I had to have a couple of parts updated and replaced, and now I’m working like a brand new computer.


 6. This is what my insides look like. So many wires, it’s amazing that these A+ students managed to figure out what was wrong with me! 7


7. FTT Office Manager Andrea Mack greets my potential buyer.


8. The customer makes her decision. Please choose me! I’m only $80!


9. “Yes, I’ll take it!”


10. “Thanks for helping me find a forever home, Andrea!” 



Don’t abandon a computer in your basement, let us find a home for it right here in DC.

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