Technology Education and Career Help DC

Your Company’s Link to Tech for Good

TECH DC is a project of Byte Back, Washington, DC’s leading tech training nonprofit.
We’re connecting the tech sector with our community to build a better,
stronger, and more inclusive place to live and work.


Tech Education and Career Help (TECH) DC connects diverse adults earning tech certifications and DC tech companies. Our platform will help us engage with each other and amplify DC tech’s commitment to inclusion.

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Who Benefits from TECH DC?

Your company and your community benefit from your participation. So many in our community are still left out of tech careers. This initiative helps make the tech sector more inclusive while bringing the rich diversity of the Byte Back student body to your company.

Why Join TECH DC?

You’ll gain access to high-quality job candidates with CompTIA, Microsoft Office Specialist, and HDI certifications. Each company will be invited to a series of events throughout the year, including multiple annual business development opportunities to network with other TECH DC members and Byte Back supporters. Members will be promoted on all Byte Back platforms including the website, social media, and print materials.

Thank You to Our Founding TECH DC Members:

Capital OneWiseTek

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Find the Right Fit with TECH DC

TECH DC is all about making DC’s tech sector more inclusive – that’s why we offer ways to get involved beyond financial gifts. Use the form below to find a combination of engagement opportunities that fit with your companies’ needs, from volunteering to hiring partnerships. You’ll start receiving benefits of participation at just seven bits – once you reach 30, your team is officially a TECH DC member. Here’s a few examples of how you can get started – see the form below for the full list of options.


  • Rally your staff to make individual gifts by launching a workplace giving campaign
  • Sponsor a Byte Back event
  • Make a corporate contribution on behalf of your company


In March 2017, Byte Back was honored to receive a WeWork Creator Award, a $360,000 grant that helped the organization expand and begin to offer services outside of DC for the first time. In January 2018, WeWork awarded Byte Back a second $360,000 grant to continue growth in Prince George’s County.


  • All individual staff hours, short term or long term, contribute to your company total:
    • Short-term options: tutoring, mock interviews, resume reviews, speak at a Byte Back event
    • Long-term options: instructor positions, mentoring as a Success Coach, board membership
  • Group opportunities for your staff include hosting a student workshop and student tour of your office

Capital One

Finding a career is about much more than technical skills. That’s why we’re always looking for opportunities for our students to get real world experience. During our Tech Tour at Capital One, volunteers helped Byte Back students refine their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Students also met with IT professionals who shared their experience.


  • Provide internship or apprenticeship opportunities for our students or graduates
  • Commit to hiring Byte Back students or graduates each year
  • Provide multi-week job shadowing opportunities
  • Host TECH DC Goes to Lunch: Rising-star students meet once a month for six months with various teams to learn departmental roles and how every facet of an organization contributes to its success


Over the last several years, Wisetek (formerly Capitol Asset) has hired over a dozen Byte Back graduates for work in its hardware refurbishing and recycling center. With the help of certified, reliable staff, the company has grown in recent years, and Wisetek USA President Chris Scott now serves on Byte Back’s Board of Directors.


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Select the ways that your company would like to participate below. Once your application has been processed, you will have one year to fulfill the pledge – we’ll be in touch with you to help find the best opportunities for your company. And remember, even if you can’t make the full TECH DC membership pledge of 30 bits, you can start receiving benefits with a pledge of just 7 bits.

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