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Next Gen Council

Next Gen Council

Lead the Byte Back Mission

At Byte Back, we’re constantly looking to engage our community, grow our resources, and expand our reach.

Next Gen Council is a team of young professionals working toward Byte Back’s goals. The Council collaborates with our Board of Directors, and is a great starting place for ambitious, mission-driven volunteers that aspire to serve on a nonprofit board. The Council is split into two teams: one meets monthly to focus on strategic and programmatic assistance while the other meets quarterly to focus on fundraising and networking.

What Does it Take to Join the Next Gen Council?

Ideal candidates will meet the following qualifications:

Integrity and a passion for Byte Back’s mission

A strong desire to make a lasting impact on your community and influence the trajectory of Byte Back’s growth

Ability to think strategically, execute quickly, and deliver tangible results

Interest in building leadership experience, expanding your network, and preparing for future involvement on a nonprofit Board of Directors

As a Member of the Next Gen Council, You Will Be Expected to:

Collaborate with Byte Back’s staff and Board of Directors to identify and tackle the organization’s challenges

Build awareness of and excitement for Byte Back

Volunteer 5-8 hours per month, including NGC meetings

Attend most NGC meetings

Attend most NGC-hosted events

Serve a term of one year, subject to reappointment by the
NGC Chairperson

*Council Members do not receive compensation for their service