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About Byte Back

Byte Back is a Washington, DC area nonprofit that provides free technology education and career training to hundreds of adult students. The communities we serve—predominantly people of color, women, and the unemployed or underemployed—have an incredible and untapped potential to change the tech sector. Through our programs, we help students obtain living wage careers in technology and realize that potential.

Our approach is to meet students at their skill level and coach them along a pathway to employment. We are one of the only organizations in the country to provide training at all levels, from introductory computer classes to industry-recognized certification courses. Byte Back’s innovative approach was recently recognized with a $360,000 Creator Award from WeWork to scale into Maryland and explore national expansion.

About the Next Gen Council

We are currently seeking candidates for Byte Back’s Next Gen Council. The Next Gen Council is a team of young professionals who engage with Byte Back and contribute their skills to help the organization expand the reach of its services. Byte Back works closely with members to develop their capacity as leaders and ability to participate on a high-functioning nonprofit Board of Directors.

The Next Gen Council is divided into two main groups. The first group focuses on strategic and programmatic assistance and meets monthly; the second focuses on fund-raising and networking and meets quarterly.

Roles / Responsibilities of Next Gen Council Members

  • Collaborate with Byte Back’s staff and Board of Directors to identify and tackle the organization’s toughest challenges.
  • Build local/national awareness of and excitement for Byte Back.
  • Volunteer at 5-8 hours per month, including NGC meetings.
  • Attend the majority of NGC meetings per year: the strategic group meets monthly and the fund-raising group meets quarterly.
  • Attend a majority of NGC-hosted events.
  • Terms are 1 year long and subject to reappointment by the NGC Chairperson.

What We Are Looking For

  • Integrity and a passion for Byte Back’s mission.
  • Desire to make a lasting impact on your community and influence the trajectory of Byte Back’s growth.
  • Ability to think strategically, execute quickly, and deliver tangible results.
  • Interest in building leadership experience, expanding your network, and preparing yourself for future involvement on a nonprofit Board of Directors.

Service on Byte Back’s Next Gen Council is without compensation.

If you’re interested in joining Byte Back’s Next Gen Council, fill out the following interest form and our team will contact you via email. NOTE: Please click “Submit” only once and wait – the confirmation notice may take several seconds to load.

Next Gen Council

If you’d like to apply to join Byte Back’s Next Gen Council, please fill out the interest form below, and we’ll contact you.


NOTE: Please click “Submit” once and wait – the confirmation notice may take several seconds to load.