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Graduate Shares Her Story Through Poetry

Author: Byte Back
Published: April 23, 2020

The following was performed live by Byte Back graduate Ashley Chambers at Byte Back’s winter 2019-20 graduation ceremony. Ashley is now a full-time member of the Byte Back team as an IT Trainer and Technician.

Byte Back Graduate and IT Specialist Ashley Chambers speaking at graduation.

When I reflect on my time at Byte Back, oh what a journey it was.
It all began June 2018 when I registered because
My uncle graduated 10+ years ago and told me it was free
But that was a long time ago and I’m certain it’s only for residents in DC!
Sure enough, to my surprise, they started offering classes for PG!
I took the assessment and later interviewed then began my professional track in IT!

I still couldn’t believe it, things were going too smooth!
But IT Fundamentals, there I started to catch the groove.
Mr. Ferman was my instructor, and you think you know someone who can TALK
No seriously, I wish he could be here because it was him who helped me walk!
Right into A+, after passing ITF the first time
Now I thought that was hard, the next two exams blew my mind!
Although having the resources, I failed the first attempts
Talk about discouraged, I KNEW this wasn’t meant!
To be honest it was so intense, I felt inadequate then withdrawn
But thanks to Byte Back’s awesome staff-Ms. Buie, Marty and Ricky – who ALWAYS encouraged me to press on.

After several hours tutoring and many, many late nights
The day before the series retired, I passed with all my might.
Of course, I broke down crying, which is now nothing to Andrew!
Couldn’t be happier because Byte Back was my break through!
I started volunteering as a Teacher’s Aide and it opened my heart to teach.
I saw first-hand from BOTH sides that this blessing isn’t out of reach.
To new students some advice certainly would be
That YOU have to put in the work and don’t give up because Byte Back is the platform for you to succeed!

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