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Grateful Giving

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: November 10, 2015

A Student’s Gift of Access to Others

By Yvette Scorse, Communications Associate

Martha1 LightenedLike many of our students, Martha Byers found herself unable to work after decades in a stable career.

Two years ago, she had to leave her position as a registered nurse after having medical problems. Before looking for a new job in medical records, Martha needed computer training.

After taking three Byte Back classes, she now has the skills for this field.

Extending Opportunities to Others by Donating

As a student, Martha realized that these classes weren’t just useful to her but also vital to so many people trying to expand their opportunities in Washington, DC. That’s why Martha donated.

“You gave me so much!” she says about Byte Back and her motivation to give back. “I’ve been so thankful, from the first class, for what Byte Back has provided for me.”

Martha’s donation will give other students the chance to gain skills to lead them to new careers, promotions, and increased opportunity.

From Traumatizing Tech Experiences to Excel Certification

When Martha started at Byte Back, she didn’t know how to copy and paste and was intimidated by print preview, she says. But she rose from PC for Beginners, to the intermediate Office Track, and has now earned her certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel.

She succeeded, despite her initial “traumatic” experiences with computers, first in college and later as a nurse.

Byte Back classes – the curriculum, her instructor, and her helpful classmates – put tech within her reach.

Putting Tech (& Careers) within Reach

In short, Martha says that Byte Back “promotes the ability of a person to contribute to society, specifically in the District of Columbia.”

“When you have a job, then you’re independent, and you can contribute to society,” Martha says.

Martha now feels confident to explore computer-based career options through the employer she left two years ago.

Giving Back to Byte Back

She encourages other students who may not have the ability to give financially to give back to Byte Back in other ways, including volunteering, and when skilled, becoming volunteer instructors for beginners’ classes.

Inspired by Martha? Support Byte Back students by donating onlinesigning up to volunteer, or sharing our Giving Tuesday page through social media on December 1.

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