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Griffin, Volunteer Instructor shares thoughts and experiences:

Author: Byte Back
Published: March 30, 2012

There are a few special opportunities to show what you know in Byte Back’s Office Track class on Microsoft Office programs and professional job readiness. “Show what you know” is how I describe tests and projects, and in my current Office Track class, I’ve been blown away by students showing what they know.

After days of lessons, exercises, and review sessions, two students had a rough day. That rough day happened to be the day of the Excel test, and their scores reflected it. This happens: what’s going on in Byte Back students’ lives, whether great things or challenging things, can make it tough to focus, to remember those skills that seemed to come with greater ease after days of hard work. So when these two students went to show what they know in Excel, both of them scored just a few points above passing.

Neither was satisfied and they both wanted to retake the test. This is the sort of dedication that Byte Back students bring to classrooms across the city. They want to be so familiar with this material that they can show off their learning even on bad days and continue improving their skills after the course is over.

Another student realized after showing what she knew in Word and Excel that she wants to take the course again. Sometimes a Byte Back student thinks she or he won’t be able to pass a course, so she or he registers to take the course again. They may stop coming to class and commit to giving more effort and time for practice when they return. Not this student. She signed up for a new class and she continues to come to class each day, giving her best to all exercises, projects and tests. Because of her test scores, she won’t receive a certificate at the end of the course, but she knows she’ll be back for more.

What amazes me about Byte Back students is that when given the chance to learn what they can and to show what they know, they know so much more than what instructor can show them in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. Byte Back students know how to make their learning their own experience. They know how to focus even when it’s tough, making the most of the opportunity to prepare themselves for personal and professional opportunities to come.


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