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I Need a Promotion, But I Have to Know How to Use a Computer

Author: Byte Back
Published: March 14, 2017

This is a first-person story of Edward Rhodes, a Byte Back computer literacy student. It’s told by his instructor, Joan Hunter, AmeriCorps computer literacy instructor.

A couple of my coworkers suggested that I take this class. One advanced within the government to a GS-14 grade – that comes with a salary ranging from $112,021 to $145,629.

Right now, I’m a deputy clerk in the criminal division of the DC Superior Court, but I need a promotion.

I have a family member that needs a great deal of my time and resources to help with medication, medical devices, and transportation to doctor appointments. I have to pay people to help with household chores, so I need to move up. But to rise in my field, I have to know how to use the computer.

In my career, not being able to use the computer effectively has been an obstacle. I have to produce written reports for committee or council members. But when researching cases and field topics, it’s been challenging to navigate from website to website.

Byte Back instructors have been great. The people that told me about the classes said I would receive all the help that I needed, and I’ve found that to be true in class, in the labs, and in the headquarters.

The PC for Beginners class has been hands-on. Byte Back staff have been very helpful and made things easier, and my classmates have even offered suggestions to help me progress.

If I learn these computer skills, I’ll be able to research, complete job assignments, and write and publish novels and directories. I will be able to meet deadlines and produce press releases, memos, and brochures.

I want to get as high of a rank as I can at my present job, or any job in the future. I want a job that provides for a comfortable retirement. Ideally, I want to be able to have my own company and hire employees and be able to provide a salary they can live comfortably on and educate their children and provide for their aging parents.

Today, I successfully filled out a job application using the techniques that I learned in class. I know I’m headed on the right track.

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