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IT Interns Take a Step Toward Their New Careers

Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: June 14, 2016

3 Students Benefit from First Ever 8-Week Capitol Asset Internship

By Yvette Scorse, Communications Manager

Capitol Asset Interns crop

Adebayo Olusada and Hugh Elliott, two of the Byte Back interns at Capitol Asset, pose outside after a day of working and learning.

Adebayo Olusada, Hugh Elliott, and Paula Smith are the first Byte Back students to intern at Capitol Asset, a program which is helping each of them in their blooming IT careers.

Capitol Asset brings in technology donations and takes them through a refurbishing and recycling process, making them the “front runner in electronic recycling,” according to their website.

The three Byte Back students started their eight-week internships in May and have had their hands on a great variety of tech equipment and tasks – auditing computers, switching RAM, taking out hard drives, standardizing computers, doing data disposal, wiping hard drives, and much more. Each week, they rotate to different stations, learning many different processes and skills as they go.

“The exposure to a wide variety of the different types of IT equipment is invaluable,” Hugh said, and the other interns echoed this feeling.

“You’re definitely not sitting down,” Adebayo said. “You’re busy the whole time. It’s great practice.” He is happy to be getting a head start on his knowledge before starting the CompTIA A+ Certification Program in July.

“It’s really helping them to progress in their knowledge,” said Kevin Stafford, Capitol Asset technician manager, adding that the interns are also a huge help for the staff there. “Everywhere they are, they have done perfect,” he said.

Paula, who earned her A+ Certification at the end of May, says this internship will definitely come in handy as she focuses on her job search.

“I’m looking forward to getting a full-time position where I can put the knowledge and skills I have learned to use,” she says. From her Byte Back instructors and staff to the friendly people she’s working with at Capitol Asset, she says, “I’m really appreciative of everybody helping me achieve a goal.”

When we spoke, Hugh was in the middle of studying for the second of two A+ exams, eager to get certified. The internship is “great in terms of reinforcing what you learn in A+,” he said.

Hugh hopes to continue working at Capitol Asset even after the internship ends. He’s also enrolled in Network+ at the University of the District of Columbia and plans to take Security+ next. When he gets his three certifications, he’ll be competitively qualified for an IT position in the federal government.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity and the training that Byte Back has provided … What I learned has been invaluable,” Hugh said. By the end, “you know exactly what it is you’re doing.”

As for Capitol Asset, Kevin says they’re ready for more Byte Back interns. “Everyone that is working with us, they love the interns from Byte Back,” he said. “They are very welcome here.”

To find out more about Capitol Asset, click here.

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