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Join Our AmeriCorps Team

Author: Byte Back
Published: July 11, 2014

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We’re currently hiring AmeriCorps instructors! Find out about the benefits of joining this program by reading about our Computer Literacy Instructor and Spanish Computer Literacy Instructor positions.

Most of our instructors are part-time volunteers with full-time jobs in administrative, professional, or IT positions. As a result, AmeriCorps instructors serve as the backbone of our teaching staff. As full-time volunteers, AmeriCorps teachers have much more interaction with Byte Back employees, and they play an essential role in policy changes and curriculum development.

Each AmeriCorps instructor is responsible for teaching his or her students the technical and practical use of computers. More importantly, the instructor instills in each student affection for and comfort with technology. Many Byte Back students have been discouraged as learners. Our instructors ease their fears and encourage them to try new forms of technology on their own. All AmeriCorps instructors teach a combination of basic computer literacy and Microsoft Office courses. Those with more advanced skills may also teach more advanced classes.
It is important that our curricula are ever-evolving to meet the changes in technology and the needs of employers. Our AmeriCorps instructors are always looking for new ways to present the material more effectively for the students and to improve upon Byte Back’s course offerings, curriculum, teaching methods, and teacher training.

Our AmeriCorps instructors teach about 14 hours per week. The remainder of their time is spent on lesson planning and on special projects of their choosing, such as social media, job skills counseling, tutoring, curriculum development, video production, newsletter layout, blogging or website administration. AmeriCorps instructors are also welcome to teach more advanced IT classes or specialized classes such as financial literacy.

We are dedicated to building a positive, team-oriented environment and to providing a rewarding, productive experience for our AmeriCorps volunteers.

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