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Meet the Excel Intern: Adebayo

Author: Byte Back
Published: March 15, 2016

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By Iyana Turner, Program Associate

Ade Olusada Student Intern crop Philadelphia native, Adebayo “Ade” Olusada, is part of our newly implemented Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel internship program.

Ade was just driving to Chipotle in Brookland one day and noticed the Byte Back headquarters on Monroe Street. That’s when he decided to call and take advantage of an opportunity. “In this time of transition, Byte Back has awakened the passion I have for computers!” Ade says. “I am appreciative of the opportunities they have provided.”

Ade moved to the District three and a half years ago to study sports management at Howard University. After graduating, he taught life skills to young men age 14 to 17 as a family teacher in New Orleans. Now he’s eager to pursue a career in computers. He started with the MOS Excel course at Byte Back, and he’s working diligently in class and in his internship. Once he completes the course, he has his eyes on the CompTIA A+ Certification Program that Byte Back offers.

Ade says the feeling of education at Byte Back is different. He loves that the courses are catered to his interests and intended career path. “Unlike before, when I took some classes just to fulfill requirements, I’m doing exactly what I need to do and what I want to do,” he says.

“I’m looking to apply [the Excel skills] to my future computer job and my current career path into working with IT,” Ade says. “For those who don’t understand Excel, it’s good to have this stuff in your back pocket. People don’t need Excel until they need Excel.”

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