New Associate Brings Fresh Eye to Communications

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New Associate Brings Fresh Eyes to Communications

Author: Byte Back
Published: March 25, 2015

By Emily Morazán, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor & Tutor

YvetteWhen our new Communications Associate Yvette Scorse first saw the job opening at Byte Back, she imagined using her communications skills to be a part of a powerful mission to help people. “That’s the best combination for me,” she said.

She started in February and was immediately inspired by the abundance of touching student stories that come out of Byte Back. “Essentially, my job is to communicate those stories – to make people smile or cry when they read them,” Yvette said. “If people are emotionally touched, they’ll feel the importance of our work and be motivated to register for a class, donate a computer, or volunteer to teach.”

Although she just started a couple months ago, Yvette has already made a big impact at Byte Back. She has developed new marketing materials, redesigned our monthly e-newsletter “Info-Bits,” made additions to our website, and taken our blog off the ground. Her background in writing and reporting has been helpful as she has trained AmeriCorps members on effective blog writing.

She’s also working toward brand consistency and “integrating multiple channels of communication,” including social media, email communications, and Byte Back’s website. Yvette is now directing the redesign of the website to make it a “more modern, useful, and accessible place for our community,” she said.

Yvette has made a great impression on Byte Back staff and volunteers. “I’ve really enjoyed working with Yvette,” said Brigitte Valcin, volunteer services assistant. “She’s a creative person and brings a really fresh perspective to Byte Back’s communications department.”

Anna Mulumba, community engagement assistant, described Yvette’s effect on volunteers and staff best when she said, “Working under Yvette, I have already learned so much about communications, which I am interested in pursuing in the future.”

We are all looking forward to the great things to come from the communications team under Yvette’s leadership. Welcome, Yvette!

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