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On the Path to Achieving IT

Author: Byte Back
Published: January 17, 2017

By Iyana Turner, Program Associate

Office Track student Jose Guzman has dreams of being a success in the IT field. When classes began October 3, 2016, he wasn’t sure what the experience would be like, but he was determined.

This journey did not come without difficulty. Jose found himself missing classes, much to his frustration, but as much as Jose wouldn’t give up, Byte Back didn’t either. Jose was provided the opportunity to attend other class sessions in order to catch up with his classmates and meet attendance standards.

On November 17, 2016, Jose passed his final assessment and successfully completed Office Track. However, his story doesn’t just end there!

In December, Jose set his sights on certification. At Byte Back, we think it’s safe to say that Jose‘s determination will take him wherever he wants to go; his scores, great attitude, and shining ambition landed him a very competitive spot in the brand new CompTIA IT Fundamentals course.

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