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On the Right Track with Office Track

Author: Byte Back
Published: May 3, 2016

By Robin Moges-Haile, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor

As our spring Office Track classes wind up, I’m highlighting three of my wonderful students who have been eager to learn Microsoft Office skills here at Byte Back’s Brookland location. It has been a pleasure to have these students in class.

IMG_7977 crop
David Peterson

David Peterson is humorous and enjoys enlightening the class with his words of wisdom. David started at Byte Back with a serious goal that he’s determined to accomplish. After finishing Office Track, he hopes to move on, gain more skills and study in the A+ Certification Program at Byte Back to get training for a career in IT.

How Byte Back has helped David:

“I feel Byte Back has an excellent program that affords DC residents the opportunity to advance their career through education. It’s very affordable, as it costs only time and dedication.”

What’s different about Byte Back classes:

“I was blessed with a wonderful and very patient instructor who made learning seem less mundane and more appealing than a school setting.”

What the class has meant to him:

“This has been a long-sought-after dream and goal of mine, since I was young, and through this program my dream is now manifesting itself into reality. I support Byte Back so much that if I ever did televised commercials I would do one free of charge for Byte Back.”

Advice for current and future students:

“Byte Back is designed to help each individual reach their own personal goals. I only wished that I knew of this program earlier. If one truly commits themselves, time, and effort to the classes they will gain a substantial wealth of knowledge that will lead them to success.”

IMG_7981 crop Janice Smith

Janice Smith was a bit shy at first, however as she eased into Microsoft Word she began blossoming out of her shell. She does an excellent job offering advice to her fellow classmates and is a great support for everyone in assignments. She’s also our star note taker, as you can see from her picture.

How class has helped Janice:

“Byte Back is a wonderful, challenging environment for seniors and people looking for employment. The instructors are patient, effective, and eager to share their knowledge. Thank you!”

Oumo square OTOumou-Sow

Oumou-Sow is a quiet yet bright-spirited person. Even on the gloomiest of days, we can count on her smile to cheer us up. Oumou struggled with confidence in the beginning of class, but then started soaring to higher, showing outstanding comprehension and accuracy with her work.

Why she wanted computer training:

“Throughout most of my life I hadn’t had much experience using computers. Having access to one was difficult, because during my school years whatever we learned was on paper. Once I came to the US from Senegal, that became a big problem. Nowadays, many jobs require you to have some sort of computer knowledge.”

How Byte Back class has helped:

“Taking this class has really helped me change and learn new things about Excel and other platforms. In order to help others, I have to know what I’m doing first. This class has been my outlet to more information about computers and how to use them.”

What has been challenging:

“One of the many difficult things about computers was the actual learning part. I’m very thankful to have such an amazing teacher like [Robin]. She’s helped me better understand the material. In the future, I hope to learn as much as I can because it can only benefit me.”

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