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Quizlet: 6 Steps to Accessing Free Tools for Learning

Author: Byte Back
Published: December 1, 2016

By Ellen Bredt, Certification Tutor

With this free tool, you can use the resources provided by your instructor or you can make an account and begin creating your own self-study aids.

Quizlet is one of the handiest sites available for learning things like the commands of the Microsoft Excel Ribbon or the many different types of cable connectors. Byte Back has a few sets of flash cards at Quizlet that can help you with the toughest memorizing tasks. And it’s free!

Here’s how you can access Quizlet.com:

1. Navigate to www.quizlet.com and click the “Search” button in the upper left corner of the screen (even though you are a new customer):


2. Type Teslabb in the search box, and hit Enter. This will give you a list of Study Sets on the left side:


3. These Study Sets were created by Byte Back instructors (They have BB in the name.) Try clicking on BB What’s my Excel Tab, to open it in list format:


4. Click the leftmost button on the top of the browser, “Flash Cards” to turn the list into a set of study cards (for now, ignore the other options):


5. Adjust the settings to see the definition side and guess the term (or vice versa – you decide.) Click on the Options button at left:


6. In the Options dialog box, choose whether to “start with” the Term or the Definition.


Example: In the”BB What’s my Excel Ribbon Tab” cards, one definition is ‘Adjust Column Width’ (a command from one of the tabs) and its term is ‘Home’ (the name of the Excel tab that contains that command). So, with those cards, you want to see the definition (command) and guess the term (tab).

*Note: You can select part of a study set list with stars, and then use the options box above to study only those items!

Once You Have Tried Quizlet …

Here are a few other great features of Quizlet.com:

  • We have our own sets of flash cards for Byte Back classes, as noted above.
  • You can create your personal set of cards. You can even change an existing set to suit your needs if you sign up for a free account.
  • You can find thousands of helpful card sets just by searching with key words (eg., “Excel Ribbon.”)
  • Quizlet offers a game called Match to use with flash cards and improve your memory even more.
  • Microsoft Excel 2010, PC Hardware, A+ and much more can be found among the existing card sets. All free!

One word of caution, however, as you explore: If Byte Back did not create or provide the actual set of cards, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the definitions.

Happy studying!

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