Reach for the STARs: Opportunity@Work’s New Report

America has a hidden talent pool of 71 million adult STARs (Skilled Through Alternative Routes). Opportunity@Work and Accenture’s new report brings light to this hidden population and their untapped skills in the workforce.

Watch the virtual release and panel here, with:

  • Byron Auguste, Opportunity@Work CEO
  • US Senator Mark Warner
  • Elizabeth Lindsey, Byte Back CEO
  • Marty Rodgers, Accenture
  • Dr. Papia Debroy, Opportunity@Work, Vice President, Insights
  • LaShana Lewis, St. Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective
  • Dan Bryant, Walmart, Inc.
  • David Shaw, Accenture
  • Dr. Peter Blair, Harvard University

See the Executive Summary and download the full report, “Reach for the STARs: Realizing the Potential of America’s Hidden Talent Pool.”