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Ready for the New Normal: Update on Byte Back Graduate Jasmine Isaac

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Author: Yvette Scorse
Published: November 2, 2020

This originally appeared in the 2019 Annual Report. See the full Annual Report here >>

In 2019, students had no idea that they weren’t just gaining skills for a “normal” future. In 2020, many Byte Back graduates found themselves among the “lucky” ones with digital skills, living-wage careers, and the safety of working from home.

Jasmine Isaac graduated with her CompTIA A+ certification in 2019 and immediately got hired. Since then, she landed her first IT support job through a federal government contract.

In 2020, she was not only able to safely telework but she also had the confidence in her skills to advocate for a promotion. In less than one year, she almost doubled her salary and moved up as a support technician tier 2. She was also on her way to an employer-funded training, which would have cost thousands of dollars, and a second promotion when we last spoke with her.

Before Byte Back, Jasmine had worked odd jobs, including at UPS and Six Flags. She didn’t want to spend years at college, and Byte Back’s program ended up to be just the right length for her.

She was hired thanks to her official CompTIA A+ certification, and she was promoted thanks to her skills and drive. “Byte Back is the reason I’m able to maintain an income during this pandemic,” she says.

“We’re in a pandemic that’s restricting a lot of people from going to work,” Jasmine says. “It’s preventing people from integrating into new careers.”

That’s why now “is the most crucial time to support Byte Back,” she says.

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