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Saving the Best for Last

Author: Byte Back
Published: July 19, 2016

By Robin Moges-Haile, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor


Instructor Robin Moges-Haile. Photo by Andrea Mack

My last course here at Byte Back was an Office Track class. The famous words “save the best for last” really apply here as this class was by far one of the best classes that I taught during my year of AmeriCorps service here.

Each student in the class brought their own wonderful personalities to the room each day and made teaching and learning fun. Every student passed with high scores and I’m proud to say 100 percent of them graduate July 21.

To celebrate their success and personality, we’re highlighting a couple of the students from this very special class:

Michael Shilby

Michael Shilby computer2 edit

Michael works on a PowerPoint presentation during Office Track class.

“The Microsoft Office programs that I learned here at Byte Back will help my volunteer work to be computer literate,” Michael says. “I have given up the title of being computer illiterate, and now I am all that and a bag of chips.”

Michael is certified with the Department of Behavioral Health and volunteers with Dupont Circle Club, among other places, and has interned with Green Door Behavioral Health. He’s particularly excited about using the Office skills that he’s learned in class to  enhance his volunteer skills. “I truly believe I’ve grown and developed techniques and abilities to be proficient at various computer programs,” he says.

John is ready to use his Byte Back skills on the job.

John Anderson, III

John works with the DC Department of Employment Services under the chief of staff and communications department with Project Empowerment and youth services in the unemployment services division. Taking Office Track at Byte Back will help John as he progresses in his career.

“The Microsoft Office programs I’ve learned are similar to programs that I use at work,” John says. The course has helped him type documents, create spreadsheets, and use Outlook email better.

“A lot of these Microsoft Office programs I’ve learned here at Byte Back help me at working more effectively,” he says. These skills have given him more confidence. “I am actually not afraid to apply for an office job now,” John says, “I feel a lot more confident. In the beginning, I was terrified of Excel because I didn’t know how it actually worked, but once I was coached into learning, Excel has become one of my favorite Microsoft Office Programs.”

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