Straight from the Students: A Visual Report

By Christopher Wallace, Development Associate

Byte Back is committed to meeting students where they are.

This means we teach classes throughout the District, physically reaching students in their neighborhoods. This also means we offer free computer courses at all levels, making it possible for students to begin at a comfortable, but challenging level. We also make sure tutoring, mentoring, and job readiness trainings are tailored to the goals of each student.

As a data-driven organization we monitor student outcomes in the classroom, tracking progress and adapting to individual student needs. In September we hired our first data and evaluation manager, Chom Sou, to monitor program data and help keep our students on track.

But we care about more than passing numbers, certifications received, and careers started. We care about our students’ voices.

That’s why we conduct a student survey at the end of each course. This help us understand what students have learned, how the course has affected them, and gives us the wherewithal to respond, adapt, and constantly improve. It keeps us ahead of the curve.

Enjoy these key results from hundreds of student responses:

Straight from the students

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