A Leader in Class: Student Profile of Mary Christine

By Emily Morazán, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor & Tutor

Photo by Emily Morazán

Photo by Emily Morazán

As Mary Christine’s instructor for PC for Beginners 1 (PCB1), I would define her as a class leader. She always makes sure students sign the attendance sheet and encourages everyone to do their homework.

Mary Christine also prompted our class party and made an incredible dish for us to share. Her homemade chicken salad made for a tasty treat. Thanks to Mary Christine, this class has been productive and fun.

During the five-week PCB1 class, Mary Christine found that “getting reacquainted with the computer” was a valuable experience for her. “I was out of practice with the keyboard,” she said. Students have the opportunity to become practiced at typing, working with their emails, as well as accessing and using the Internet.

As a successful PCB1 student, Mary Christine will shortly be moving on to PCB2, along with the rest of her classmates.

She is already eager for the opportunity to learn more in the her next chapter of Byte Back classes. Mary Christine will continue to polish her skills and looks forward to “working with [her] email more.”