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There’s a lot to learn about tech  and our goal is to make it all as easy as possible. Here, we’ve hand-selected free professional resources to help you get where you want to go, faster. Boost your knowledge with online courses, fine tune your tech skills, connect to employment opportunities, and grow with help from the Byte Back community.

Byte Back Tested & Approved Online Learning

For Beginners

Tech Boomers

Access free digital learning tutorials, including lessons on Facebook, Netflix, Internet safety, and more.

Typing Tutorial

Our free Typing Tutorial allows you to practice your typing skills on your own time. Take the 20 WPM and 5 error challenge!


Practice your mouse skills and improve how you navigate around your computer with this free resource.

Continue Learning

We’ve partnered with Saylor Academy to give Byte Back students the chance to earn free certifications in topics such as C++ Programming, Business Communications, and more.


Take online courses, watch tutorials, and find training for computer skills from this reputable source, free with a DC Library card.

GCF Learn Free

Choose from a selection of free courses meant to help you develop the skills needed to advance in work and life.

Open Culture!

Take online courses from the world’s top universities for free.

Khan Academy

Get access to a wide variety of free, world-class educational resources.

Professor Messer

Watch free IT training videos, intended to help you prepare for key industry certifications.

Career Help

Byte Back
Career Events

The Byte Back community is ready to help you find success in your career. Get online and in-person guidance every step along the way, from crafting a resume and cover letter to interviewing for and landing a job.

Career Help

My Next Move

Explore career options that match up with your interests, skills, and goals.

Career Help

Dress for Success & 
Suited for Change

Find affordable, professional attire options for women. Byte Back students, request a referral from your Student Services Coordinator.

Career Help

Career Karma

Get online coaching to help you find your next career step, including connections to coding bootcamps and more.

“I rarely received responses from my old resume, but I had two different IT interviews and received a job offer from the second interview thanks to my revised resume and interview skills from Byte Back.”

— Kieta Fonville, Graduate

Affordable Technology Resources



 See resources on a variety of options for low-cost internet service and affordable computers.

Comcast Internet Essentials

Comcast offers affordable high-speed Internet at home with Internet Essentials.

WildTech Computers

Special prices on refurbished laptops and desktop computers for Byte Back students. Speak with our Student Services Coordinator.

Public Computers & Internet in DC

Use the DC Tech Locator to find public computer access, internet, and tech training.

PCs for People

Get high-quality refurbished computers and internet access in Washington, DC and Baltimore.

WildTech Free HelpDesk

Having tech issues? WildTech and DC government are launching a free helpdesk tech support hotline.