Alumna Selina Cook

Byte Back Graduates,

We’d like to offer you opportunities to stay involved with the Byte Back community and to give back to present and future students. Some ways you can give back are:

  • Volunteer – Many past students return as volunteer teachers or tutors
  • Be a Byte Back Ambassador – Alumni have participated in city-wide ad campaigns for Byte Back, told their story at Digital Access Tours, and more.
  • Share Your Story – Let us interview you for our blog, e-newsletter, or marketing. Our successful alumni inspire our prospective students. Email to participate.
  • Testify at a City Council Oversight Hearing – Byte Back attends many hearings throughout the year. Our students and alumni are welcome to testify in front of City Council on our behalf. These hearings help showcase the important work we do and the effect it has on the DC community. They also help us maintain our funding so we can continue to provide quality courses for students like you!
  • Join – Byte Back IT Academy alumni are invited to follow us on LinkedIn.

See how your student testimony can make a difference in DC: