DC Residents, 4 Steps to Get on Lynda.com Free

With a DC Library Card, a Lynda.com account goes from $240.00 to FREE!

Lynda.com contains loads of easy-to-follow tutorials on the topics you need to develop your career, ranging from management training to graphic design. Naturally, Microsoft Office applications from A to Z are covered in every possible way.

Here is how you can use your library card to get your free account activated from a PC with internet connection:*

  1. Navigate to www.lynda.com and click the “Log in” button (even though you are a new customer) 
  1. This will open a dialog box with several options. Always select the gray “Organization Login” option on the top right:

  1. Then, on the bottom portion of the new dialog box, if you are asked to provide your organization name, you enter www.dclibrary.org:

  1. Finally, at the welcome screen, you enter your card number and PIN, which is the last four digits of the card number**:

*Note: The DC Library android app has a direct link to Lynda.com. However, the Lynda app does not run on all tablets. It is best viewed on a larger screen (laptop or larger.)

** Also note: If you have been assigned another PIN, use it. Most people just use the last four digits. Please feel free to ask your Byte Back staff for help getting started!

Once you are Logged in to Lynda …

Here are a five places to start and a few more features of Lynda.com tutorials that Byte Back students have loved in the past:

  • The text of each tutorial scrolls underneath the video as it plays, so you can stop and re-read anything you misunderstood.
  • You can slow down or speed up the instructor’s voice. WHATEVER it takes to learn the lesson!
  • Lessons are divided into tiny parts, so that you can learn one thing at a time, and stop when you need to.
  • You can browse the huge library of lessons and bookmark a playlist of must-watch lessons to come back to. Your library account settings are not going to disappear when you log out.
  • Excel 2010 is covered in depth by several different instructors.