Don’t Forget to Smile: A Job Tip You Can’t Miss

By Dometria Coleman, Administrative Assistant My first professional office job was as a receptionist in a personal injury law firm. A job answering the phone – now this should be easy … or so I thought. “Good morning, this is Dometria. How may I direct your call?” I must admit, it was the most boring, […]

Staying Motivated During the Job Search

By Bock Szymkowicz, Career Development Specialist We’re here to help you set and reach your career goals with our Goal Setting Blog Series. Start with Step 1: Your Interests & Strengths >> Now, the most important step: maintaining it. Like any big goal, from a new gym goal to education, there will be times when you hit a wall, when you aren’t […]

She Was out of Work but Not out of Hope

By Yvette Scorse, Communications Manager “Diane got a job!” The news rang out in the Byte Back office recently one afternoon. Diane Dallas jokes that even though she graduated in 2013, she “can’t get away from Byte Back.” She’s served as a volunteer, sang “You Gotta Be” and “There’s Hope” at Breakfast Bytes fundraisers and, […]

Meet Derrick Washington, Byte Back’s ‘People Builder’

Derrick  Shares His Plans as Career Services Manager and ‘People Builder’ By Yvette Scorse, Communications Manager Derrick is focused and passionate. With only a few weeks on the job at Byte Back, he clearly articulates his goals in working with students, with alumni, and with employer partners. It’s easy to become excited about the future […]

Getting Dressed for Your Dream Job: A Before & After Look

Blog and photos by Bock Szymkowicz, Career Development Specialist, and Francisco Vasquez, Manager, Instruction and Curriculum  These five Byte Back students are graduating from Byte Back and ready to start interviewing for jobs. But before they book those interviews, they needed a wardrobe to match their skill sets and levels of confidence. That’s where A Wider Circle‘s professional clothing shop […]

Never Too Late to Start a New Career

Haz click para la versión en español By Alba Escobar, AmeriCorps Computer Literacy Instructor Marlene Valladolid started a PC for Beginners Spanish class at Thomson Elementary School in January. This was the first class Byte Back taught at the elementary school, offering the opportunity to the DC Public School parents to take free computer literacy […]

Simon Says: “Follow Job Posting Instructions”

This is the final part of a five-part blog series on tailoring your cover letter and resume to any position so you will get noticed. A fictional position is used throughout the series to help you apply these tips. This part is dedicated to following application instructions. If you haven’t already, start the process off right with […]

6 Facts You Should Know about Your Human Rights in DC

Bock Szymkowicz, career development specialist, recently earned his certificate as a Human Rights Liaison from the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR). Bock is now a human rights resource to the Byte Back community, happy to help students by explaining how OHR works and or by assisting in filling out a complaint form, when necessary. Discrimination […]