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Techie Finds Her Perfect Volunteer Match

Author: Byte Back
Published: October 10, 2016

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Computer Engineer Trishia Cooper Gives Back as Byte Back Instructor

Volunteer of the year

Congratulations to Trishia, who was recognized as the 2016 Byte Back Volunteer of the Year at the Nov. 4 celebration of Byte Back’s 19th birthday.

By Tamikia Wims, Volunteer Coordinator

With instructors likes Trishia Cooper, Byte Back students have no choice but to be successful in their classes.

Trishia has a long history of volunteering. Before completing her master’s in computer engineering in May 2015, she had volunteered around Washington, DC at various places, such as soup kitchens, bookstores, Toys for Tots.

“Once I completed my master’s, I felt there was a better way to serve the community and that was through technology,” she says.

She started searching for volunteer opportunities, and soon found her match. “Once I clicked Byte Back’s link and watched the testimonial videos from previous students, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me,” Trishia says.

“My catalyst for joining the organization was my need to involve myself and contribute to the community surrounding me,” Trishia says. “Byte Back provided the perfect opportunity for that.”

She started volunteering as a community instructor one year ago, and has since been working with digital literacy students in the PC for Beginners and Office Track courses.

Trishia has been an outstanding instructor, giving encouragement and extra time to each of her students.

The students who have completed PC for Beginners and Office Track under Trishia speak very highly of her skills as well as her patience, kindness, and understanding as an instructor. But they’re not the only ones who benefit from the exchange.

“The volunteer experience with Byte Back has not only benefited my students but me as well,” Trishia says. “I have had the opportunity to interact with the community as well as learn from them.”

Trishia’s positive spirit, her achievements, and her willingness to work hard for the community have made her a fabulous volunteer. Byte Back and her students are so thankful to have such a perfect volunteer match.

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