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Thanks to Byte Back, I’m Not the Computer-Illiterate Grandpa Anymore!

Author: Byte Back
Published: June 29, 2016

Alphonso Williams, Office Track Student, Shares His Journey to Byte Back

Alphonso Williams 1 cropMy journey started when I completed training as a private investigator for the District of Columbia.

When I received my license and certification, it became very clear that my computer skills were not up to the functional capacity needed. I couldn’t formulate reports; I couldn’t scan and send in my time sheets; I couldn’t even send documents to the attorney that I was employed with at the time.

My [private investigator] instructor suggested I look into enrolling in Byte Back.

Eventually I began to make sense of all of the technobabble. Once I learned how to search the internet for information, the light bulb began to come on. The internet enables society to communicate over all seven continents on the face of the earth! Isn’t that amazing? I began appreciating how technology was making it easier for regular folk to simplify their lives.

There is still so very much to learn. Things are changing each and every day! But it feels so good to be at ease and calm when confronted with today’s digital world.

I feel ready to explore the new and exciting tools I am faced with.

I love the thought of coming in, learning, and leaving with skill levels that I now see that I would have never gained by chasing down children and grandchildren, constantly asking them questions, and them having to repeat themselves a thousand times. I’m the last person from my family to graduate from Byte Back and I’m very glad that it’s my turn!

Thanks to Byte Back, I’m not the annoying, computer-illiterate grandpa anymore!

Special thanks to Laura Weiner, AmeriCorps computer literacy instructor, for helping Alphonso feel comfortable in the digital world and for sharing his story with us!

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