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The Chamber of Commerce and Information Technology Employment Opportunities

Author: Byte Back
Published: October 15, 2010

Last week we discovered that the Chamber of Commerce is spending millions of dollars, much of it provided by foreign businesses, to back the candidacies of those who would continue to support and perhaps increase support for the outsourcing of American jobs. This effort to shift jobs from the United States to areas where people earn less comes at a time when the National Unemployment rate remains at 9.6 percent, still among the highest unemployment rates in the history of the United States. Certain Wards of Washington D.C. are hit harder still. In Ward 8, the unemployment rate is 28.1 percent, while it is 11.8% for the District in its entirety.

 There are two types of IT jobs that are commonly outsourced – programmers and call assistance employees. So far, most of the jobs for which Byte Back trains students remain local. However, if foreign businesses have their way, that could change.

So, what does this mean for Byte Back students, and ultimately will it harm Byte Back’s mission and undermine some of our efforts?  We work to improve economic opportunity for low-income residents of the Washington D.C. area by providing computer training and employment readiness skills. That works best if there are jobs available when students graduate. What’s more we need an abundance of IT jobs. Let’s make sure that the jobs stay here.

 There are many ways to support Byte Back, one is by asking the Department of Justice to investigate the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s use of money from foreign corporations to influence our elections. You may sign the petition at:

 Then, tell us what you think.

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