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This Is What Community Looks Like

Author: Byte Back
Published: March 17, 2017

Arnold and Lashaun work with alumna Yolanda. Photo by Ellen Bredt, Training Manager

Working together and giving back – that’s what makes the difference in success. Recently, several CompTIA A+ alumni returned to Byte Back. They weren’t looking for recognition or services for themselves but to give back.

As our current students prepare for the two challenging A+ certification exams, our alumni found they could be of use. They volunteered practicing hands-on PC repair and exam questions.

Thanks to  our alumni for reinvesting in the Byte Back community and best of luck to all students as exam day approaches!

Graduate Henry guides David Avery, a current A+ student. Photo by Yasheeca Green, Certifications Instructor

Alumnus Yohanna works with Eric on a PC. Photo by Ellen Bredt

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